DG Global Forwarding is committed entirely to investing in sustainable business that promotes and protects our client’s reputations.

A job worth doing… is a job worth doing well.

We are committed to goals which can only be reached in stages through our organically managed growth and expansion plan, which encompasses major investment in emerging markets, notably in Africa.

Our efforts and dedication to delivering expertise within our business at all levels, ensures a direct and steady approach toward a sustainable future for both our employees and our clients.


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COVID-19 is the largest global public health crisis the world has faced in a long time. It has had a significant impact on practically every aspect of business operations across every industry. COVID-19 has made us realise the importance of centrality of sustainability for business resilience. Companies that integrated sustainability and transparency strategically into their business operations prior to the COVID-19 crisis have put an even stronger focus on it now during the crisis. More importantly, this allowed them to become more adaptable in responding to unexpected events. The role of partnerships has become an important and dependable way of enabling our business to run smoothly during difficult times as its clear to us that nobody can deal with a pandemic of the magnitude the world has experienced alone.


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