Our Services

Our Services

It is the core business of DG Global Forwardingâ„¢ to provide cost effective solutions for door-to-door shipments on a global scale.

With a network of competent agents and owned offices, as well as affiliations with other related worldwide organisations, we have the experience to handle the entire shipping process with minimal problems ad delays to your consignments whilst offering maximum benefit to our customers.

The packing, documentation and labelling can be handled by us too, which saves you from having to negotiate your way around complicated regulations as well as exempting you from the liability that goes hand in hand with the responsibilities undertaken during such processes.

Once your goods have been collected, you can track the status of your shipment online with your reference number and when the delivery has been complete, you will receive a proof of delivery as evidence that your consignment has been received by its chosen recipient, in good condition.

Our Services

Air Express

Recommended in all instances. For a quick, classic and seamless transportation service this never disappoints. We can deliver on any basis required, door to door or door to port, the choice is yours.

Pharma Express

Swift delivery service tailored for biological, temperature controlled, time sensitive and cryogenic consignments. The standard service encompasses a door to door solution unless otherwise specified.

EQ Express

Cost effective solution for small samples that need to be delivered within a strict timeframe, in almost every situation a door to door service applies, unless otherwise specified by the customer.

Isotope Express

Designed specifically around the delicate nature of transporting class 7 radioactive materials. This can include consignments of recyclable waste, isotopes for laboratory use in diagnosis or articles and substances used for X-ray purposes.

Secure Express

High value consignments and materials of an explosive nature normally travel via this service. This gives added security, through strategic planning and discretion.

Road Express

Through utilising credible and secure road networks, we are able to load consignments and distribute across borders and continents within a reasonable timeframe and at an unbeatable price. All goods are subject to load and compatibility.

Ocean Express

For the bigger and more bulky consignments. The mode of transport can also compensate where goods forbidden for carriage by air under any circumstances can be carried in accordance with the IMDG regulations.

Whilst providing the services detailed, we aim to solve any problems that arise during transportation before they occur, as through our experience we aim to be pro-active, rather than reactive to potential foreseeable delays.

It is always our aim to keep customers informed about the progress of their shipments, without being in the embarrassing situation of them having to notify us of a specific problem first.

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