About Us

About Us

DG Global Forwarding™ is a specialized transportation company offering a truly global solution to all your shipping requirements.

Our team of specialists have extensive experience in the classification, movement and safe handling of hazardous, time sensitive and temperature controlled material. The ultimate difference between us and your average courier, freight forwarder, integrator or third party logistics provider is our ability to focus in our niche area, the transportation of dangerous goods.

We are able to identify, classify and ship consignments of all sizes of both nationally and internationally. Our team consists of highly experienced operatives with the expertise to deal with all classes of dangerous goods. Our aim is to provide a safe and compliant approach to the shipment of delicate, sensitive shipments which in some cases include radioactive materials & explosives which are handled in accordance with the law and best practice procedures.

DG Global Forwarding™ are not only geared to offer a specialist transportation service. We are also able to advise and consult on the classification and regulatory requirements of your shipments.

Throughout the entire logistics chain, we are able to manage the supply of packaging or pack your shipment and complete all necessary documentation to fulfil all legal requirements, while strategically planning the most efficient transport routes globally.

We are able to offer services unique to specific commodities, such as our very own Pharma Express shipping service, that involves full temperature control throughout the transport chain.

This can include the use of dry ice, or refrigerated gel packs (2°C to 8°C). We also transport goods at ambient and warm temperatures, and regularly offer customers the use of liquid nitrogen dry shipper vessels where more extreme temperatures are required. Common shipments handled normally include infectious substances, toxic chemicals and biological reagents. We can also offer Isotope Express, a specially designed, secure and efficient delivery service for radioactive materials.

DG Global Forwarding™ are also able to assist customers with obtaining the correct permits and government authorisations required for the transport of biological, radioactive substances and temperature controlled shipments by all modes of transportation. Please enquire for more details.

Company Policies

DG Global Forwarding™ operates strict policies in line with its ethical codes concerning the way in which we operate our business, whilst acknowledging safety and complying with the legal aspects that apply to the transportation of dangerous goods. We have a duty of care to protect our employees, the public, and the environment and enforce this through responsible work practices that are outlined in our policies.

Corporate Responsibility is an important aspect of our business. We have built strict guide lines and policies which that are implemented throughout all aspects of our operation to a recognisable and auditable standard. Here is a brief explanation of what our policies cover to ensure sustainable Corporate Responsibility and how this is applied to our business practices.